Most adults know a bit about home plumbing systems. They probably have a good idea of when to call a plumber and the signs of damage to look out for. They may even know how to perform simple plumbing repairs.

But commercial plumbing is a whole different ballgame. And if you decide to open a business, you may come across issues you weren’t expecting.

This article will sum up the differences between residential and commercial plumbing, so you are prepared when you go from a home to a business setting.

More Pipes and Outlets in Commercial Systems

Commercial plumbing systems will get a lot more use than residential plumbing systems. In a commercial building, all the occupants will use the system as compared to just the family in a residence. Therefore, commercial systems take a lot more pipe fittings and outlets.

Commercial Systems Must Be More Durable and Higher Grade

A plumbing system in a commercial building will have to hold up to a considerable amount of wear and tear. It’s important to make sure the one you are using is durable and features high grade components. A residential system will be a lot smaller, and you won’t have to be as choosy about the quality of the system.

More People Count on Commercial Systems

Because more people use commercial systems, as opposed to residential systems, clogs and other types of damage can affect the entire building. You will need any type of damage taken care of quickly. Be sure to call in a commercial plumber that’s experienced in handling complex systems.

Difference in Water Heaters

Commercial buildings require large water heaters with big storage tanks and several gas input levels to heat all the water being used in the facility. Commercial water heaters can usually hold up to 250 gallons while residential water heaters are typically no more than 100 gallons.

Health Issues are More of an Issue with Commercial Buildings

A lot of people will be using a commercial system and it’s important to follow strict health care codes, especially in restaurants. Therefore, the plumbing must be easy to clean, and it must drain off quickly.

Finding Dripping and Running Water

If you have a leak, it’s important to get on it quickly. Unfortunately, it’s harder to find water issues in a commercial building that is a lot larger than a residence. This can result in damage, water waste and larger bills.

Drainage Services

When a clog occurs in a residential home, it’s simple for the plumber to come and drain the systems. But when a clog happens in a commercial system, it can be a lot more expensive and time consuming. The plumber must snake each unit to confirm clogs are cleared before moving forward.

There’s a big difference between residential and commercial plumbing systems. Now that you know what to expect, you can move confidently into a business setting. What will you be looking out for when you make the switch?