Shower Systems

Mover over, jetted soaking tubs —
If size is not a consideration, but pampering is a necessity, then you’ll want to create a custom spa shower. There are now a variety of shower products and styles that offer a unique showering experience turning your home shower into a home spa.  With a wide range of choices including; manufacturer’s, collections, finishes, trim styles, showerheads and shower accessories you can create a rejuvenating spa like retreat every time you step in the shower.

Water Temperature and Setting Controls
Thermostatic, programmable shower technology is the ultimate in shower luxury. This allows systems to monitor a shower’s water temperature and automatically adjust water flow when the dishwasher, washing machine and toilet are in use.  Most have four presets that give the user the exact water temperature and pressure desired, ranging from warm, gentle morning shower to cool, high-pressure, post-workout shower.

Water Conservation
A super shower that conserves water might seem counterintuitive, but eco-minded homeowners can have their high-end shower and be kind to the planet, too. These eco performance showerheads reduce the flow of water, but still provide a satisfying shower experience typically using 20 percent less water than the industry standard. Another water-saving option, a three-function transfer valve diverts water from a showerhead to a handshower to a set of body sprays.