Sump Pump

It can happen at any time. You walk down the stairs and step into inches of water. Your sump pump has failed.

A sump pump sits in a basin below the surface of the foundation of your home or business. When water rises above a certain level, the sump pump will turn on and pump water outside. This type of system can be very effective especially in an area like ours where lakes and high water tables are so common.

There are two major problems with sump pump systems

Problem number one is that all sump pumps will eventually go bad. That means it’s not a matter of IF, but WHEN will your sump pump stop working. The solution here is to have a back up pump system in place as a fail-over. This way, if the first system stops working, the back-up will take over and alert you that your primary system needs to be replaced.

Sump pumps need power

Problem number two is that sump pumps have to be powered in order to do their job. Often times sump pumps are doing most of their work during storms, and this is when it is most likely you are going to lose power. The solution here is to have a battery back-up. A battery back-up system for your sump pump detects when the power is out and is able to operate the sump pump for several hours. This time is generally enough for power to be restored avoiding costly flooding.

JVS Plumbing can evaluate your current sump pump system (or lack of one) and determine your needs to make sure you are properly protected. Our certified technicians will make sure your pump is the right size, is placed properly, and is protected in case of failure or power outage. Let JVS Plumbing Company help you prepare so you can prevent flooding and water damage.

Sump pump examples

Battery back-up examples

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