It’s Saturday morning, and you have people coming over later to enjoy a nice, relaxing lunch together. Everything is going great; you start preparing the food and cleaning up your home. But, when you get to the bathroom, you suddenly notice a leaky pipe dripping water and creating puddles all across the floor!

What do you do in this situation?

Not panic, that’s the most important rule! Panicking will get you nowhere, after all. Instead, you should pick up the phone and call a trusted plumber from JVS Plumbing. Unfortunately, with so many appointments and bookings, it can be a few hours till your plumber gets here. So, do you just wait and watch the water get everywhere in the meanwhile? Nope, wrong answer.

Here is what you do instead.

How to Patch a Leaky Pipe

Step 1- Shut Off the Water Mains

Before attempting to temporarily fix the leaky pipe, you should remember to shut off the water supply valve for that specific pipe. If you can’t locate the valve, a simpler tip is to simply close the water mains for the time being. Turn on the closest faucet to your leaky pipe so any remaining water can runoff.

P.S. Remember that closing the water mains stops supply to all of your home’s fixtures. So, you will need to turn it back on as soon as you’re done fixing the pipe!

Step 2- Clear Out the Area

With the water mains shut off, the next step is to clear off the leaked water, so you don’t slip and hurt yourself. Also, clean the pipe and the surrounding cabinets or other fixtures. Make sure the entire area is clear and water-free before you start working on the pipe.

Step 3- Prepare the Pipe

Once the area is cleared out, you will need to clean the damaged part of the pipe and prepare it for the temporary patch. Use rough sandpaper or file to smoothen out the leaky area and any rough edges. Clean off any rust or limescale residue as they prevent the patch from sticking on well.

Step 4- Apply Some Water Pipe Epoxy

Finally, get some plumber’s epoxy from the local hardware store and get to work. You’ll need to rip off a piece of the epoxy and work it in your hands until it’s well-mixed and ready to be applied. Shape the epoxy to cover the leak well and allow it to settle for the time mentioned in the instructions.

Once the epoxy has sealed your leaky pipe, you can turn the water mains back on and continue with your lunch prep while waiting for the plumber to arrive.