Sump pump

How often have you heard friends and neighbors proclaim that their house would have washed away after a downpour had it not been for their trusty sump pump? Sounds quite like an exaggeration, does it not?

Well, it could actually be true! A sump pump can make all the difference between a flooded home and a dry, safe one during heavy rainfall or snow. It also saves you from hefty water damage bills that have the potential of drowning all your savings. Here is what a sump pump does and whether you should get one before the next rainy season.

What is a Sump Pump?

Sumps pumps are submersible devices that are installed in a pit dug up at the lowest point of your property, usually somewhere around the basement. It is a small addition to your, but it can actually save the entire property from flooding during heavy rains.

The sump pump works by pumping water away from the sump area of your home through a network of pipes. As soon as the water reaches a certain, pre-set level, the pump comes into action. It is paired with a one-way valve to prevent any backflow and ensure all of the water is drained out of your sump.

Additionally, the sump pump comes with alarm systems that immediately raise an alert if the water level rises too high. This indicates that your pump isn’t expelling the water, and there is a chance of you ending up in a flooded basement. As soon as you hear this alert, get your sump drained from water damage experts at JVS Plumbing Co. Our team will even service your pump to ensure this problem doesn’t repeat itself.

Do You Need to Get a Sump Pump

Now, to the real question at hand – should you get a sump pump? While almost all homes can benefit from one, some properties and locations need it more than others. Our plumbing experts recommend calling JVS Plumbing to install sump pumps if;

  • You live in an area with harsh weather conditions, including lots of rain and heavy snowfall.  This is particularly true in the northeast, where people get more than their share of moisture, making their basements increasingly susceptible to flooding.
  • Your property is labeled ‘flood-prone’. This could be because of poor drainage of soil or even a low-lying location. In either case, the rising groundwater levels and rainfall means you need a sump pump to keep your home dry and comfortable.
  • You face water flooding quite frequently. If your basement is prone to flooding or you notice water dripping around the corners, you should get a sump pump from JVS Plumbing It is a quick fix to eliminate any chances of another flooding.
  • You have a decorated or finished basement. People often turn their basements into their gaming zones or a comfortable place to hangout with friends. This means you probably have expensive furniture and equipment down there. Even the slightest contact with water can damage your precious basement set up and cost you hundreds of bucks in repairs. A better practice is to invest in a sump pump with us and make sure your electronics and furniture stay safe.