Conventional Water Heater

A hot shower in the morning is a true blessing that most of us hold very dear. Can you imagine going to the bathroom and turning on the taps, only to be blasted with icy cold water? Sounds like stuff out of nightmares, does it not?

If you’ve noticed that you aren’t getting quite the right water temperature or pressure from your taps, it could be because there’s something wrong with the heater. Water heaters require timely maintenance and servicing from plumbing experts to perform their best and keep your showers warm.

When left untreated, your water heater could further malfunction and completely stop working. Fixing or repairs would then cost you hundreds of bucks and a rather unpleasant dent in your wallet. Here are some signs that indicate that you need water heater servicing from trained professionals ASAP.

Signs that You Need Water Heater Servicing

1. Fluctuating Water Temperature

One of the biggest signs of issues in your water heater is fluctuating water temperature from your taps. You will notice your water temperature changing, even without you meddling with the taps or making any changes to the thermostat. This is usually due to mineral deposits accumulating in your water heater components, which can only be removed and cleaned out by experienced plumbers and the right equipment.

2. Decreased Water Pressure

Another problem that arises because of the mineral deposits is reduced water pressure from your taps and showers. This usually only affects the pressure of hot water flowing from your taps due to the heater pathways obstructed by these deposits.

You could also be experiencing decreased water pressure because of an aging water heater. In either condition, it is best to call plumbing experts to repair and service your water heater so it can perform its best again.

3. Rusty, Brown Water from Taps

Have you ever turned on the taps only to be greeted by icky, brown-colored water?

If this rusty water is coming from both your taps, then there is something wrong with the water pipes in your home. But, if this brown water is only coming from the hot water tap, then the source is almost certainly your water heater.

Since heaters have metal poles, they are prone to rust over the years. A well-trained plumber can handle this issue for you!

4. Odd Noise from the Water Heater

Low, subtle noise from our electrical appliances is nothing new, usually just becoming background noise for us. However, if you’ve been hearing frequent odd sounds from the heater that are progressively becoming louder – it’s time to call water heater experts from JVS Plumbing Co. to have a look.

In the End

Most homes in the US are fitted with old water heaters that require frequent servicing and repairs to keep the water hot. Instead of suffering from this endless maintenance work, we recommend homeowners try out tankless water heaters. They are convenient, energy-efficient, and leave no room for the development of mineral deposits.

Furthermore, these high-tech heater systems are eco-friendly and come with a life expectancy of over 20 years! Talk about a long-term investment! Get yours here.