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We have all dealt with a clogged toilet bowl or sink every now and then. It usually isn’t all too big of a deal and doesn’t cause quite the same panic as flooded bathrooms do. Additionally, it can be quite easy to spot a clog, which leads people to think perhaps they can fix it themselves too.

However, that is probably one of the worst ideas a homeowner or resident can have. People commonly take a trip to their nearby Target and grab some acidic drain cleaners to get rid of the clogs, not realizing that they’re doing more damage than good. These drain cleaners can damage your pipes and hurt the internal water system.

A better practice is to seek professional help from the plumbing experts at JVS Plumbing. Our team will tend to your clogging problem ASAP and conduct a thorough assessment to prevent future backups from arising.

To help you further, here are some ways through which you can avoid plumbing clogs from returning to your sinks or toilets.

How to Avoid Plumbing Clogs from Occurring at Your Home

1. Get Your Pipes Cleaned Out Frequently

The absolute best way to ensure you never have to deal with a gross minor clog or blockage is by getting your drains and pipes professionally cleaned at regular intervals. Since grease, hair, and other particles commonly go down our pipes; they tend to build up in drains over 3 to 4 months. Our team will come over and get rid of this buildup so your water can flow freely.

2. Block Any Debris from Entering the Pipes

Did you know hair is the number 1 most common cause of blockages in your pipes? Yes, even more than toilet paper! This is because while your drainage and sewer system is built to flush out toilet paper, the same can’t be said for hair. So, the strands end up getting wrapped around your pipes and drains, eventually causing a clog.

An easy and cheap fix to solve this is by installing mesh drain screens on your shower and tub. Remember to place one in the laundry room too! It will catch all the lint from your clothes, preventing it from entering your sewage pipes.

3. Get Recurring Problems Fixed Professionally

Lastly, if you’re dealing with clogs and backups quite often, you probably have a bigger, underlying problem that needs immediate fixing. While it is not uncommon for sewer lines and pipes to backup, it is wise to not wait for the next clogging to call a plumber. That can be a recipe for disaster and cause you expensive servicing and repairs.

Instead, reach out to professional plumbing services today and get any recurring water problems fixed asap.