Boy In The Flooded Room

Flooded basements can cause a lot of expensive repairs. From fixing up your water system and pipes to undoing all of the damage that the water causes to your carpets and furniture – you will need to prepare your bank account to dish out some major bucks.

A better practice is to take care of certain factors around your property, identify all the possible causes of flooded basements, and learn their solutions. JVS Plumbing believes in helping our customers through this, so they are in a better position to figure out if their water system needs servicing and prevent any chances of flooding.

Possible Causes of Your Flooded Basements and Their Solution

When you get a flooded basement on your hands for the first time, it is imperative to determine whether the problem will recur or if it is a one-time thing. If the flooding has turned into a consistent problem, you need to consider these two major causes.

Don’t worry; we have paired them up with solutions, too, so you can fix the problem right up with JVS Plumbing.

1. Issues with Your Property’s Grading

If the ground around your foundation is equally leveled or sloping downwards towards your property, water will be directed into your basement, causing it to flood. We often find the soil next to a house backfilled without being compacted properly. This causes it to settle, particularly under any stoops which are prone to collecting water near your basement wall. This water will eventually enter your home and cause excessive damage.

Solution –

Call up contractors to place earth around your home’s foundation to make the ground slope away from the foundation wall instead of downwards towards it. Ensure that the sloping is at least 1 inch per foot for over 5-7 feet of land.

2. Ineffective Drainage Tile or Broken Sump Pump

Did you know, many houses around the country don’t have a subsurface drainage system? This is usually the case if the house was built before people started using their basements as living spaces. Additionally, the drainage system under your property might be broken down or in need of repairs. The sump pump could need maintenance and repairs, or different pipes could have collapsed.

Solution –

The best way to determine if you have an ineffective drainage system or a broken sump pump is by calling a water damage specialist. At JVS, we offer professional services to investigate the problem with your drainage system and fix or replace the sump pump to eliminate the chances of flooded basements.

Get Expert Advice and Solutions from Water Damage Professionals at JVS Plumbing Co.

Our team at JVS Plumbing is highly experienced in handling all instances of flooded homes, be it basements, washrooms or even the kitchen. With years of hard work and dedication, our plumbers have garnered all the required skills and techniques needed to keep your property dry and comfortable. Furthermore, we use technologically advanced equipment and tools to offer you the best services against any form of residential or commercial water damage.