Sillcocks go by many different labels. If you haven’t heard of this particular name before, you probably know them as spigots, hydrants, or hose bibs. These are all the same, and they work great to offer you the comforts of running water outside your home. From washing your car to hosing down the garage, watering the plants, and even having fun water fights with the kids – all of these are possible because of your exterior sillcocks.

However, with all the benefits come some dangers too, particularly during the winters. If left unmaintained, you could end up with frozen exterior sillcocks around your property. Not only will this cut off the water supply outside your home, but it can even cause your basement to flood and contaminate your drinking water.

Therefore, every homeowner needs a proper understanding of how sillcocks work and how emergencies can be avoided by calling water damage experts promptly.

The Mechanism of a Sillcock

The sillcock is a small faucet-like fitting on the exterior wall of your home. Its primary function is to allow you access to water in your driveway and backyard. Have you ever noticed the small tap that works as an attachment in your garden hose? That’s a sillcock!

This sillcock is directly connected to the interior plumbing of your home, just like all other faucets on your property. But its unique location outdoors exposes it to harsh weather conditions and makes it more prone to wear and tear. One of the most common causes of water damage in homes is due to a sillcock freezing over and obstructing the water flow during winters.

Why Frozen Exterior Sillcocks are Dangerous

Usually sillcocks work pretty well in shutting off the water indoors so that it can run out of the actual faucet, leaving nothing behind to freeze. The problem occurs when the hose is left on the sillcock, preventing it from draining completely. It could also happen if your frostproof unit has a backward slope, causing water to stay in the barrel. This leftover water freezes up quickly during the winters, causing expansion and fracturing your pipes. If left untreated, it can easily cause enough damage to the pipes to flood your basement entirely.

How We Can Help

At JVS Plumbing Co. we believe that prevention is always better than curing a water emergency. Nobody wants to deal with the extensive damage of broken pipes, flooded basements, and ruined furniture. A better and most cost-effective way is to sign up for regular maintenance of your exterior sill socks.

The water damage experts at JVS Plumbing Co. are proficient in identifying any possible threats of leakages or damaged pipes. Our team will get on it right away, ensuring quick repairs and installments of frost-free fittings, so you never have to worry about frozen exterior sillcocks again.

To book an appointment or get a free estimate, reach out to us today!