Can I Pour Coffee Grounds Down the Drain?

If you’re like most people, as soon as you wake up, your first order of business is to make a hot cup of coffee. You put the coffee in the machine, and let the water seep through. When you are done, there are grounds left in the machine. What do you do with those grounds?

Some people throw out coffee grounds, but others wash them down the drain. They figure that once in the plumbing system, they will break down with the water to become liquid…so what harm can it really do?

Well, the answer is, a lot. Read on to find out about why you shouldn’t be pouring your coffee grounds down the drain and what you can be doing with your coffee instead.

The Truth About Coffee

Many people wash their coffee down the drain thinking it’s the cleanest and most convenient way to get rid of it. And if anyone has a pet that tends to get into the garbage, we can definitely follow this logic.

However, coffee grounds are made of coffee beans which are rock hard objects. Therefore, they do not grind up as finely as you might think.

What’s more over time, instead of dissolving into liquid, they begin to clump together. When this occurs in your drain system, it can form a clog.

What to Do With Coffee Grounds Instead

Now you know it’s not a good idea to pour your coffee grounds down the drain, but that doesn’t stop the dog from getting into the garbage and spreading them all over the kitchen. So what can you do instead? Here are some great ideas.

Use Them in Your Garden: Coffee grounds are rich in minerals that are great for soil and plant growth. They also absorb contaminants in soil and attract worms that help gardens flourish. Sprinkle them around your plants and enjoy the progress your garden makes.

Use Them to Repel Insects: Another reason coffee grounds are great for gardens is because they repel insects. The good news is, they can be useful in this application in any area of the home. If there’s a room in your home that tends to attract insects, put some coffee grounds in a small container or sprinkle them around areas you’d like exterminated.

Use Them to Get Rid of Fleas: Coffee grounds’ ability to repel insects also makes them great at eliminating fleas. Shampoo your pet, then follow up with a coffee ground rub. Rinse and dry as usual for a flea-free pet.

Use Them on Skin: Coffee grounds are great for revitalizing skin. Mix them with coconut oil to make a face scrub that rivals expensive formulas.

Use Them to Eliminate Odors: Coffee grounds are effective in eliminating odors. Put them in a small container in the fridge or another area prone to odd smells to produce a great rich scent that blocks unpleasant smells.

Now that you know all the great things you can do with coffee grounds, you’ll never be tempted to pour them down your sink again. How will you be using them to make your life more convenient?