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12 Plumbing Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

When your plumbing goes on the fritz, there are a few things you will want to do before calling a plumber. These troubleshooting actions will help you determine whether your problem can be solved with a simple fix or whether it’s time to call in the big guns.

But in order to take action, you will have to have the right tools on hand. This article will review the plumbing tools that every homeowner should have in their arsenal.


Perhaps the most obvious of all plumbing tools, a plunger will usually work to clear a clogged toilet. It can also be used on tubs and sinks.

Hand Auger

Also called a snake, an auger can reach down into pipes to clear blockages. It can be effective in clearing out drains in showers and tubs. It can also be used on toilets if a plunger doesn’t do the trick. Just make sure the auger you are using is designed for toilets so it doesn’t damage the porcelain.

Basin Wrench

Sometimes plumbing problems can be solved by tightening or loosening joints around the pipes. A basin wrench has a longer reach allowing you to get to those joints that are not so easy to access.

Pipe Wrench

Pipe wrenches are designed to turn threaded pipe fitting when it needs to be tightened or loosened. They can come in handy in several plumbing applications.

Adjustable Wrench

An adjustable wrench can tighten or loosen nuts and bolts in your plumbing system and come in handy for several DIY jobs.

Strap Wrench

A strap wrench is another great way to tighten and loosen joints. It’s the perfect tool because it won’t damage the surface of the pipe.


There are several types of pliers available, but a needle-nosed pair will get into tight spots helping you solve many plumbing issues. They can also be effective in getting hair out of a clogged drain.


If you really know your way around a plumbing system, a hacksaw can cut through PVC pipes making ad ideal solution for dealing with more difficult problems.

Duct Tape

Ah, the power of duct tape! It won’t always work to solve a problem permanently, but in a pinch, it can keep a leak from becoming a flood.

Plumber’s Putty

Similar to duct tape, plumber’s putty can be used on cracked pipes and it makes a great water-resistant seal.

Caulk Gun and Caulk

A caulk gun and caulk is another way to seal up leaks. Cover the caulk with some duct tape for extra security.

If you are having plumbing issues, these tools can come in handy in helping you determine whether or not you need to call in a professional. Good luck finding affordable solutions for your home issues.