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Shower Design and Tech Trends that Will Transform Your Bathroom into a Spa

When you want to get away from it all, nothing can relax you like a luxurious soak in the tub or a warm and comforting shower. The right tech and shower design features can make your time into the bathroom into a relaxing spa experience every time. Many people are taking advantage of the latest trends to transform their bathroom into a spa-like haven. Not only does this make for a soothing getaway right in the comfort of your own home, but it will also increase your home’s value.

If you are looking to take your bathroom up a notch, here are some shower tech and design features that will help you do it. 

Smart Showers with Thermostatic Control

Do you spend your entire shower trying to get the water just right? And then, when you finally do get that perfect temperature, it’s time to get out! Well, a smart shower with thermostatic control can change all that. 

Showers with thermostatic valves work automatically to mix the water and keep the temperature constant. 

One step up is a digital shower with a digital screen that allows each family member to control temperature settings to their liking.  

Smart showers are another option. These allow you to set the water temperature, outlet, flow rate, shower duration, and more through the shower’s control display, smartphone app, or voice command. 

Water Conservation

Today, everyone is doing their part to save the planet, and water conservation is high on the list. Want to join the effort without sacrificing a terrific shower experience? 

Eco-friendly shower heads reduce the flow of water but still provide a terrific shower experience. They use 20% less water than the industry standard. 

Another option is a three-function transfer valve which diverts water from a shower head to a hand shower to a set of body sprays. Not only does this give you a variety of ways to get clean, but the alternate settings also reduce water use to save precious natural resources. 

Glass Showers

A luxury bathroom experience is not only about how your bathroom functions, it’s about how it looks. One trend that is big in bathroom renovation is walk-in, frameless glass showers. 

The glass has a simple, clean line that is perfect for minimalist and modern decor. The lack of frame gives the illusion of space making the bathroom and shower seem larger and more open. 

Steam Showers

If you just can’t get enough of a steamy sauna, you can get this experience every time you step into your shower. 

With the right type of installation, a steam shower system can be brought into a large bathroom. A glass shower enclosure must be designed to keep the steam inside and the tiling on the wall and floors must be sloped to eliminate condensation build-up. 

An upgraded shower will be a true asset to your home increasing the value and making your bathroom into a spa-like haven. The only problem is, with such luxury amenities, you may never want to leave!