Unseen & Miscellaneous Concerns

There are a number of other elements that can make their way into your water. Some require water tests to be analyzed by a state certified laboratory, which we can help you with. These concerns are not just for those on well water. Some municipal systems are more prone to failure, resulting in boiled-water orders. The problem is this news is slow and you and your family could be exposed in the meantime. Here are just a couple concerns we see in our region:

Arsenic: Naturally present in our soil, this toxic element can present serious health problems if ingested.

Chlorine: Used to disinfect water in municipal systems. Chlorine levels are usually well below what is considered hazardous, however the smell and taste can be offensive. Chlorine levels may be a concern for infants using water for formula. Chlorine is also known to be a skin irritant, leaving dry and flaky skin.

Nitrates: Result from runoff from farm chemicals and lawn fertilizers among other sources. Nitrates can be dangerous to everybody, but can pose a very dangerous health risk to infants in particular.

Coliform Bacteria: While a natural part of our ecosystem, coliform can be an indicator that there is the presence of disease-causing organisms.


The Solutions:

We have teamed up with one of the leading manufacturers of water treatment products, Water Right, to provide a number of products preogrammed specifically for your water and your family.

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